What is Modem and how does it work. Full Info

What is Modem :- Today computer is being used in every field, computer is such an electronic device, which is made up of several devices and based on them, the person makes the work easier. When we talk about using a computer device or computer in internet, Modem’s name comes first.

Because modem is a device that is used to connect an internet connection to a computer, but now there are many people who use the internet in a computr, but what is a modem? There is not enough complete information about this, so today we are going to give you complete information about what is modem in this article-

What is Modem

What is Modem

Modem is an Eletronic device that converts Computer, Router, Telephon to connect with Internet. Just as in a computer the data in the computer is present in digital form, and the telephone line is present in the Analog Form, in this condition the modem converts the digital single emanating from the computer into analog. And it flows along the Standerd telephone line. If we understand directly then modem is necessary to connect any electronic device like computer, telephone, router etc. with internet.

What is the full form of Modem – Full Form of Modem

Modem is a device that is capable of both modulation and demodulation hence where this device goes to Moderm. Also, the full name of this device is the device which is named modulation and demodulation.

Modem features

To run internet in computer, desktop, it is necessary to have a modem, it can be easily completed by connecting the computer with the computer and the internet, telling that the modem is present in many transmission which is bits per second Is measured in Mainly modem speeds are 900bps, 28000bps, 5600bps.

What is the type of modem?

Today, modem is very useful technology for using internet in computer, which are mainly 4 types, which you can know in detail below –

Internal modem

This modem is a type of circuit board, which is mainly placed in the compression slot of the computer, the best thing about this modem is that it does not occupy the desktop space.

Exeternal Modem

This type of modem is like a box, which is kept outside modern computer systems. This modem is specifically connected to the computer system via a serial port.

Fax modem

These modems are proving very useful today because anyone can use them to send faxes and receive faxes. Directly speaking, we can exchange information with the machine using this modem.

Removal modem

This type of modem is used as per need, as it can be installed and removed at any time in the computer.

How does modem work

Modem is used to transfer data from one computer or laptop network to another computer or laptop network. In this, data transfer is done by Sim Card or Telephone Lines. That is, during modulation, Modem converts the computer’s Digital Singnal into Anlong, which are connected to the Phone Line.

Whenever Anlong facility is used between two digital devices for data communication, it is called Data Terminal Equipment i.e. DTE. The same Modern is used at the end of both. So DTE can be either a Terminal or a Computer.

The Modem that is generated at the end of Transmitting, generates Digital Singnal through DTI and converts it into Analog Signal. Only Carrier is modulated for this. When the same Modual stands at the end of Receiving, she demodulates Carrier and later gives it to Digital Signal Depopulated by DTE.

There can be either a Dedicated Circuit or Transmission Medium between the two Modem, or a Switched Telephone Circuit. If a Switched Telephone Circuit is used, the modern is connected to the Local Telephone Exchanges with the help of the same.

Generally speaking, Modem is used to connect two computers or laptops with the help of any line or any other feature. That too when it is necessary to use the Internet, it is very important to have a Modem with a computer or laptop and mobile. Without modem it can be difficult to run the internet on a window.

Modem function

The model is mainly used to connect the Internet to a computer or laptop. Modern is used in many businesses to use a variety of applications such as Broadband Backup, Data Transfer, Remote Management, etc. Example i have given below

Remote Management

Modem is also used for Remote Management, for this, Modem is installed by going to Remote Location and then going inside Off site location or Sensitive location, some application is controlled by Remote users with the help of Modem There is no need to go to the Actuall Location, this saves both Tine and money as well as a major accident can also be avoided. For example, knowing the Vending Machine inventory before reaching the site, what things are going to be required on the site.

Data transfer

A large company or cybercafe has an important location, where all data is centrally located. This means all other locations access data to HQ on daily basis. Dial Up modems are very ideal, as they can be easily programmed and also transfer data daily with secure Connection. The biggest advantage in this is that the failure of data transfer decreases. And also they are very cheap. For example, Daily Sales Information can be sent automatically from Head Quarter Location to all other branches.

Point of sale

Point Of Sale, also known as POS, is a very widely used application that
Most consumers use whenever you use a shop or Debit Card for payment, then Modem i.e. Broadband and Dial-Up are used to transfer data there. For example, when you buy a ticket in a restaurant or theater, you pay a bill through a credit card, then POS is used there.

The conclusion

Today, in this growing age of the Internet, it is very important to know about every part related to computer, keeping this in mind today, what is the modem in our article today? You have to go into detail about how many types it is. I hope that the information given about the modem in our article has proved useful.

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